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Over the next few months, there will be many changes made to our building. The work will impact on all our users and we will use this page to keep you up to date on progress. Please check in regularly.

Sunday 24th June 2018


Access arrangements for THIS WEEK ONLY
All day up to 4.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of this coming week, the only access to the building will be through the Main Church Doors.  
  The Main Church Door will be unlocked during booked activities
  A door bell will be fitted near this door
  Individuals – please restrict your daytime visits to the buildings as far as possible, because answering the doorbell will disturb either the builders, or the people running an activity


All day Monday 25th , after 4.30pm Tuesday – Friday, and from Saturday 30th June you will be able to use your key in the ‘little Reddings Lane  door’ as usual until further notice.  
Out of bounds
From now onwards, the Hall and the ‘old’ toilet areas are out of use and should not be entered.
The new kitchen, toilets, Shaftmoor and Russell rooms are in use and can be reached by going left through the side door at the far end  of the sanctuary, past the organ. 

We hope you’ll take the opportunity after the Annual Church Meeting today to wander around the rooms and facilities that have just been completed!!


Summary of changes. 
From Wednesday 20th June we lose the use of the Main Hall while work is done to install robust folding doors in place of the old ones, remove the servery at the Reddings Lane end and create a new lobby between the halls and the sanctuary, together with a new universally ambulant toilet unit.  
All the activities that usually take place in the Hall will move either into the sanctuary which will be partially cleared for the purpose, the Upper Room or the Shaftmoor room.
Please avoid using the photocopier on the Balcony when the sanctuary is being used for an activity.
The building contractors have some work to do to the external ground level on the Reddings Road side.  This together with the internal alterations, decoration etc. should be completed during the second part of August, leaving us to work on a few remaining items. Our aim is that by the end of September we will be ready to showcase all the changes!


Church Groups Many activities and groups will meet in different rooms within the building until all the work is complete. Group organisers are being consulted about this.

I am unclear about the previous history, but certainly, for the past 40+ years, our pipe organ has been electrically powered via a blower situated (rather quirkily) on a wooden platform in the men's washroom.  I imagine that when the organ was switched on, the sound was probably similar to a plane taking off!  The process of upgrading that part of the building meant exploring whether the blower could be moved elsewhere, and two years ago we consulted our fairly new, but vastly experienced, service engineer Stephen Lemmings about it.  The result is that earlier this month he, together with two colleagues, moved this very bulky and immensely heavy piece of machinery from the washroom up the stairs and into the roof void above the organ pipes (to the side of the chancel).  When the remaining building work around the rear stairwell has been completed, trunking will again attach the blower to the rest of the organ mechanism, the electrician will make fresh electrical connections and the organ will be back in use.  It will then need a thorough tuning by Peter Spencer, our regular tuner, before taking its place again in our worship and praise of God.
We are very fortunate in having an instrument which has stood the test of time so well with relatively little maintenance required.  Stephen Lemmings tells me that the blower itself is of German manufacture and a 'Rolls-Royce' of organ blowers.  As often happens, the pipes of this organ were originally in another church - in this case, a Methodist church further along the Stratford Road towards town.  In the future, it would be good to pull together an accurate account of its history - any offers?
Interesting facts
- We have several Stephens/Stevens working on this project - including the architect, architect's commercial manager, off-site contract manager, and organ blower consultant.  Three of these were on-site at the same time recently when the organ blower was being moved.
- So far, at least 19 firms are or have been involved in the planning or execution of this project.  These include the architect and quantity surveyor (the core people working on our behalf), the building contractor and sub-contractors, and several consultants advising on specialist areas.  The architect is the person who project manages everything for us, and the quantity surveyor keeps an eye on the financial side, keeping the project as far as possible within budget.  



Please check back on this page for regular updates.

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